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Evidence-based Dentistry

Evidence Based Dentistry

“The central and simple message of evidence-based practice is that best research evidence needs to be combined with patient values and circumstances, along with practitioner expertise.”  *

The goal is using best evidence to improve patient care.

*Centre for Evidence-based Medicine 2014

1. Asking Focused Questions
        Use PICO to Create a Search Question
        Population / Intervention / Comparison / Outcome

2. Finding the Evidence
         Best Evidence:
  • Systematic Reviews
  • Randomized Controlled Trials.
         3 key steps: *
    1.  Identify terms for your PICO question
    2.  Look for Secondary Sources
    3.  Search for Primary Sources
3. Critically Appraising the Evidence
            Use pre-appraised Secondary Sources
            Critical Appraisal tools for Primary Sources:
4. Making a Decision
            Translation of Evidence into Practice Based on Clinical Expertise & Patient Concerns
5. Evaluation of Performance
              How do you evaluate it?
              What does your patient think?
              How could you do it better next time?