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School of Dentistry Library

Gifts Policy

The UT School of Dentistry Library accepts and appreciates gifts of library resources and monetary gifts. The library accepts gift materials with the understanding that the assistant library director reserves the right to determine whether the items fit the goals of the collection. Scope of information, currency, student and faculty needs, available space, funding for binding, condition of items, and duplicate resources in the collection will be factors in determining whether the gifts are accepted and how they are used. Gifts that have restrictions on them may not always be accepted.

Every effort will be made to add gift items that are not already available in the collection. The gifts may occasionally be offered to students, faculty and staff if the library is not in need of the items. The assistant library director will attempt to help donors find alternate recipients for their gifts if they are declined for the school.

The assistant library director will work with donors of monetary gifts to try to best accommodate their wishes for the gift. Every effort will be made to accommodate the donor’s requests when possible. If the donor’s request cannot be met, the donor will be notified.

The UT School of Dentistry Library cannot assume responsibility for assigning monetary values to gifts for tax purposes due to federal guidelines. However, a letter of acknowledgment for the gift can be given.

For additional information, please contact Janet Fenske, Assistant Library Director, at 713-486-4204.