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Thesis Tips

Thesis Template

Click on the Thesis Template document to download on your computer. 

First thing you should do is SAVE AS with your desired document name to your desired location.

Formatting Specifications:

  • Font
    • Times New Roman
    • 12-point
  • Double-spaced
  • Paragraphs:
    • first line indent
    • subsequent lines left alignment  

  • Page numbers
    • Lower-case Roman numerals for preface pages (hidden on first two pages, then begin with iii on the third page)
    • Ordinal numerals begin with Chapter 1
  • Reference lists should be in Times New Roman 12-point font and left-justified (not block)
    • SOD exception to the APA style: Please use single spacing within a citation with a hanging indent for subsequent lines, then double-space to the next citation.
  • Acknowledgement section may be written in first person.
  • Vita section should be written in third person.